Gender Parity

I recorded this podcast in August of 2019.

I hope and pray the honest hearted thinkers in the theatre will stand up publicly for free speech.

Statera Arts posted these today and this Insta Blast and my podcast is my response.

Actors have traditionally been at the forefront of protecting free speech, but this marxist swill will destroy the performing arts in the USA.

I will not be participating in the utter insanity that is destroying the free expression that is so important for the arts to flourish.

Transgender people in the performing arts should be treated with kindness, dignity, and respect, but I personally will NOT be adhering to any speech codes, nor will I allow a speech minder into my rehearsal spaces and/or productions that I personally direct, finance, and produce.

I will not be using pronouns on my business cards or when I introduce myself to strangers.

And most importantly, trans men will NOT be allowed in the dressing rooms with minor females.

It is NOT going to happen on my watch. As a child actor I was molested and raped in a variety of theatrical settings.

Children will be protected from sexual deviants in my theatrical companies.

And if someone has the audacity to interrupt a rehearsal that I am directing to correct my politically incorrect speech, they will be kicked out of the company for wasting my precious time and the time of their fellow actors and crew members.

Cultural Marxism has no place in American Theatre and it should be loudly and publicly denounced wherever it rears its ugly obnoxious head.

Jenny Marie Hatch